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The Henne Group (THG) offers Covid-19 contact tracing services for state and local health departments.  Contact tracing needs can shift suddenly due to seasonal surges or changes in variants.  The Henne Group’s Contact Tracing Services can help you flexibly meet demand.  


Quickly expand your contact tracing capabilities

Using THG Contact Tracing Services gives state and regional health departments the flexibility to target contact-tracing resources where needed to.


Expand to broader community coverage – if you are faced with limiting contact tracing to segments of your population due to resource constraints, THG can provide expanded coverage.


Rapid deployment – we can ramp up quickly due to any seasonal surges – our contact tracing operation can scale up to meet expanding outbreaks.


Target contact tracing services to county or regional needs – we can shift quickly to cover varying areas of outbreaks.


Experienced staff can rapidly extend your operations; adapt to your protocols


Our THG Contact Tracing teams are experienced in contact tracing protocols and operations.  All THG contact tracers are Johns Hopkins University certified and undergo hours of additional in-house training.  We have a system in place where interaction with all cases and contacts is closely monitored and supervised.


We offer a range of contact center services 


Help Desk Services - Reliable, customized support that serves client needs for a broad set of Tier 1 support and guidance (i.e., site or account access, password reset, configurations, escalations to Tier 2 support, and more). 

Hotline Services  - Hotline staffing and operations for government and business. 

Patient/Client Scheduling  - Recruiting and scheduling for public health and client studies.

Quantitative Research Studies  - Outreach, telephone surveys, online surveys.

Qualitative Research Studies  - Focus groups and in-depth interviews,    recruitment, follow-up. 


Why The Henne Group

Rapid response - we galvanize our team and technical resources to effectively stand up a project and manage large volume call needs. 

Speed of training - our experienced agents can train and respond to project needs quickly. 

Skilled agents - Ability to respond to populations around highly sensitive topics and difficult-to-handle interactions. 

Call flow - We pull together the call or operations flow quickly – FAQs, responses, tools, tracking dispositions, reporting, error tracking, data management, the process of continuous improvement 

Multi-lingual capability - Our staff provides multi-language capabilities in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and Korean. 

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